Sunday, August 2, 2015


Yoga Core with Bani @ 9:30am
Prenatal Yoga with Lindsey @ 11am
Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation with Mandy @ 7pm

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy Saturday

Yoga today !!
7:30am -Intermediate Kripalu Yoga
9:30am-Iyengar Inspired Yoga



9:30am- Yoga Core-Bani

11am-Prenatal Yoga (beginning july 19)

7pm-Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation-Mandy


9:30am- Heated Yoga Core-Jill

5:30pm-Yoga in Nature-Mandy

7pm-Heated Vigorous Vinyasa -Mandy


9:30am-Heated Vinyasa Flow-Mandy

5:30pm-Yoga -Lindsey

7pm-Vinyasa Flow-Beth


8am-Gentle Yoga-Bani

9:30am-Vinyasa Flow-Alison

6pm-Yoga with Cindy

8pm-Meditation-Bani ($10 pay as you drop in to instructor)


5:30am-Vinyasa Flow-Alison

9:30am-Heated Vigorous Vinyasa-Mandy

5:30pm-Yoga Basics-Bani

7pm-Heated Vigorous Vinyasa-Mandy (canceled July 2nd)


8am-Gentle Yoga-Bani

9:30am-Heated Vigorous Vinyasa -Mandy

7pm-Yoga in Mead Square Park (every 1st and 3rd Friday, except July 3rd)


7:30am-Kripalu Intermediate Yoga with Meghan

9:30am-Iyengar Inspired Yoga-Bani

11am-Prenatal Yoga

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Class Descriptions

*Gentle Yoga-All Levels will benefit from this class. A more passive practice focusing on traditional Yoga poses and supine stretching using props. Followed by a final relaxation sure to leave you feeling pure bliss. Levels 1-2

*Iyengar Inspired Yoga- Iyengar style yoga is a yoga style that emphasizes precision and physical alignment of the body. By working to achieve perfect alignment in each pose, Iyengar style yoga students aim to create balance in the body and mind. In addition to helping students gain flexibility and strength, Iyengar style yoga is useful in the management of a range of health conditions from backaches and arthritis to depression and more. Levels 1-2

*Yoga Basics-Nervous about stepping into your first Yoga class? This practice will give you the instruction you need to take the edge off. This class is not a Gentle class, but will offer you the basic body alignment, Yoga terms, and clarity to help steer you through your Yoga Journey. All Levels Welcome and you do not have to be a "beginner" to benefit from this practice. After all, we are all beginners :)

*Yoga-"To Yoke or To Unite" Breathing Techniques and an Asana Practice depending on the Energy of the class. Teachers will offer you a taste of different styles of Yoga. Levels 2-1

*YOGA IN NATURE- This weather-permitting class will take place at Ganondagan Historical Site. Located only a mile from the VYS off of Maple Road. Please Bring a Blanket.

*Yoga with Cindy-Influenced by Cindy's love for Ashtanga, this class will use breathing techniques (pranayama) and asana to yoke your body, mind, and spirit. Levels 2-1

*Vinyasa Flow-Sequencing done by linking breath to movement. Parts of the class dedicated to continuous flow, balancing postures, and deep Yin poses. Levels 2-1

*Heated Vinyasa Flow- Done in a heated room, this light-hearted practice will raise your vibration and body temperature. Focusing on Creative Sequencing and Strength building, this class will bring some fire to your day. Levels 2-3

*Heated Yoga Core-This class blends Jill's love for Yoga and Pilates to create a core focused practice. Levels 2-3

*Heated Vigorous Vinyasa- This is a continuous flow class that will focus on the bandhas (locks) in the body to develop strength and lightness; to help build the foundation for arms balances and inversions. Six months Vinyasa experience recommended. Level 3